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Sponsor the Swim Team

Give back to the community, increase your local search ranking, and be a hero to our members!


Everything in the Gold Package  
Framed plaque of Swim Team for placement within your business  
Dedicated poolside banner 4 feet by 4 feet (you provide sign). Can face tennis courts in off-season.  
Algorithmically the highest possible newsletter Promo impressions!  


Everything in the Silver Package  
Framed picture of Swim Team for placement within your business  
Large Logo on poolside banner  
One dedicated newsletter mailing about YOUR business  


Everything in the Bronze Package  
Business Promoted at a single Summer event  
Business mentioned by announcer at swim meet.  
Larger logo on the back of Swim Team Shirts  
Inclusion in our Facebook Group for occasional business promotions  


Website and App Logo Placements  
Logo on the back of Swim Team Shirts  
Small Logo on Poolside Banner  
Social Media Thank You in Facebook Group  

Read everything our sponsors get...

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Sponsoring the Swim Team is a unique way for local businesses and service providers to be recognized by our members YEAR round. During the pool season we will include your logo on a poolside banner, but all year long your logo, business info, phone number and website link will appear on the footer of our website. This boosts your Google search ranking with a quality local link!

Your logo and business info also appears after tennis court reservations in our Member’s app, as well as our pool’s check in kiosk. This adds up to 1000’s of impressions beyond the traffic to our website.

We also include sponsors at the bottom of reminder emails sent to our membership from the website. Sponsors are randomized with each email sent, meaning every sponsor will be seen a fair amount. Some emails we may choose to only pick Gold Sponsors, Silver, or Bronze.

In lieu of cash, food or service donations will be considered for a Bronze level sponsorship.

Platinum Medal Sponsor - $1250.00
Gold Medal Sponsor - $750.00
Silver Medal Sponsor - $500.00
Bronze Medal Sponsor - $250.00

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