Georgetown Recreation Club - Dunwoody's Most Fun Pool, Tennis & Social Club

Member Enrollment Policy

Family Membership – Regardless of marital status, if you have children at or under the age of 18, living full or part-time in your home, you should join as a family.

Couples Membership – If your spouse or significant other will not be bringing children at or under the age of 18 to the pool, you can join as a Couple.

Single Membership – If you are purchasing a membership only for yourself, this is the membership for you.

Please understand, we do not ask for more money based on above average usage of our facilities, nor do we discount if you use it less than other members. We encourage members to make the most of their membership, and if there is anything we can do to encourage that more, please let us know.

To be fair to all members, please do not ask for special pricing exceptions. Any exceptions would need to go before a board vote, and can not be decided upon solely by our Treasurer or Membership team.