Georgetown Recreation Club - Dunwoody's Most Fun Pool, Tennis & Social Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are initiation fees at Georgetown Recreation Club?

There is a one-time, non-refundable Initiation Fee for our new members of $600. But starting at the beginning of each year we offer early-payment discounts on our Initiation Fee (making it the lowest of any Dunwoody area pool)

  • $300 discount if paid before April 1
  • $200 discount if paid before May 1
  • $100 discount if paid before May 15
  • $300 new neighbor discount within 60 days of moving in. Valid all year.

Can I put my membership on hold for a year?

Members that want to skip a year will need to pay the initiation fee again when re-joining the pool. Unfortunately we just cannot reliably fund the Club if we offered a “Hold” status, as we get asked this question often – especially when members have “summer” babies, or plan on being out of town a lot.

For financial reasons aside, this policy is also in place to be fair to longtime members. Everyone has had those summer where they simply didn’t use the pool as much as planned, due to whatever reasons.

We encourage members to make full use of the facility year round, whether that be with social events, using the clubhouse, tennis courts, etc,  but this is especially true in the summer time.

Regardless of the age of your children, whether they are months old or teenagers, the pool is your home away from home in the Summer (and we have an abundance of shade for sleeping infants). The members that get the most out of their dues are the ones that simply make the Summer a lifestyle change.  Make a commitment to:

  • Take food to the pool during the work week (the guard shack fridge is actually NOT for lifeguards, it is for members to use)
  • Grill out regularly. Why use your propane when you can use ours!
  • Come be social. Grab an umbrella table and meet your neighbors. Find them on Facebook after the summer, and make ties for a lifetime.
  • Start your kids swimming and learning about pool safety early!
  • Work from the pool. We have business speed wifi. Most of us can work from home, try working from the pool.

How do I rent out the clubhouse for a non-member attended event?

If you’d like to guarantee use of the clubhouse for your party or other event, contact us at . Otherwise use of the clubhouse is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Members have key-code access to the facilities.