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Jaws at the GRC!!!!

"We're going to need a bigger keg"

Jaws at the GRC
June 21, 2017 Justin (Social Director at the GRC)

Friday June 23, 9pm

We’ll be showing Jaws at the pool! So we’ll be closing at a terrifying 11:30! Bring whoever you want to this event. Expect a bigger than normal Friday-keg (so bring a few bucks to donate) and of course we’re obliged to experiment with a little blue and red food dye to make some shark themed cocktails.

Jaws slipped below a PG-13 rating when it was released with a PG rating (because PG-13 didn’t exist back then), so parents of impressionable kids, keep that in mind. The 9 o’clock start time will probably weed out the babies anyway. 

Chances of rain on Friday are getting slimmer, but if Friday is a bust, we can most likely do Saturday as a rain date.

See you then!